Free Download Smart080  APK

Free Download Smart080 APK

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※請聯絡02 26967890 #8650 或電手機0919338737 林先生

全天候一種費率,無論您使用手機或家裡市話撥打任何電話,都是最便宜的通話費,天天幫您省錢。 更不惜巨資採用最高等級光纖電路直通主要世界國家,24小時全天候管控通信品質。我們深信惟有高品質的電話聲音,價廉才有意義。

◎ 手機或市話皆可使用,全面都省錢,節費全方位。
◎ 省錢不代表需忍受不良音質,通話品質堅持不打折。
◎ 帳務計費記錄比對,省多少錢算給您看最清楚。
◎ 不必先預付錢,每個月用電信帳單去便利商店繳費,用多少繳多少。
◎ 撥號習慣不變,不會影響使用習慣,節費最方便。
Smart080 phone charges section

You can use any telecommunications company in the mobile phone Smart080 calls, enjoy high-quality super-cheap calls

※ This product postharvest pay-out bill payment sake, please Register in advance, can be used until after the opening:
※ Please contact 0226967890 # 8650 phone 0919338737 or e-Lin

Weather one kind of rates, whether you use the phone or home telephone calls to any phone, are the most expensive airtime every day to help you save money. More enormous amounts of money with the highest level of optical circuit through major world countries, 24 hours a day management and control communication quality. We believe that only high-quality telephone voice, inexpensive makes sense.

◎ mobile phone or telephone can be used, both to save money overall, festival fees round.
◎ money does not mean poor quality need to endure, persist call quality is not discounted.
◎ billing billing records than the right, calculate how much money you save to see most clearly.
◎ without first prepaid money each month to the convenience store with a telecommunications bill pay, how much to pay much.
◎ dialing habits unchanged, will not affect the habits, the most convenient and cost-saving.

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App Name Smart080
Package Name
Rating ( 2 )
Size 372.6 KB
Requirement Android 2.0+
Installs 100+

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