Free Download 君品牙醫  APK

Free Download 君品牙醫 APK

Description of 君品牙醫

功能介紹 :

* 線上即時預約 : 自由選擇適合的時段約診,24Hr 隨時隨地,不受時間和空間限制。
* 查看預約資料 : 隨時查看自己的預約時間,免用紙筆紀錄,免輸入行事曆。
* 就診推播提醒 : 時間快到,系統自動推播提醒看診,不會錯過的預約時間。
* 是否赴約確認 : 即時回覆診所是否赴約,免打電話,不受上下班時間限制。
* 即時問與答 : 有問題直接線上跟診所溝通,快速又方便。
* 群組推播 : 診所最新訊息立即通知所有病患,不用一通電話接著一通。

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Features :

* Instant online booking: the freedom to choose the appropriate time appointment, 24Hr at any time, without time and space limitations.
* View Reservation Information: keep track of your appointment, avoid using pen and paper record, enter free calendar.
* Push visits reminder: the time is coming, the system will automatically push to remind to see the doctor, make an appointment not to be missed.
* Whether the appointment confirmation: instant reply whether the clinic for appointments, phone calls free, free from restrictions on working hours.
* Instant Q & A: There are issues of direct line of communication with the clinic, fast and convenient.
* Groups Push: the latest news immediately notify all clinic patients without a phone call and then a pass.

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App Information of 君品牙醫

App Name 君品牙醫
Package Name tw.raincloud.championdental
Requirement 4.1 and up
Installs 500+

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