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Free Download 三寶的修持 APK

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今承 大慈皇母及彌勒佛尊,大開慈門,准許傳唱三寶心法之妙意,以期將至道早日行於天下,大放光芒,照耀大千也。




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Person I really, a virtual spiritual group, according to the light enlightenment, the present no one, where can provoke dust? Why should a law, and inviting contrived?

Just because beings fall in the mundane world, performed in over all, in the physiognomy, failed in phase from the phase. That really would have, such as cloud blocks out the sun, pearl dust, the light ineffective. This smell Shido, was granted from heart although many Buddha, but failed to implement phase will, as deep, empty sound execution phase theory, practice is not straightforward exercise, like castles in the air, and finally rare full. More smart aleck, surgery performed on the flow of static four fruit heterodoxy who does not know that was far from the truth from the natural Shido.

Order today Daci Queen Mother and Maitreya Buddha statue, open the door Ci permit sung Sambo Heart wonderful meaning to the approach path of an early line in the world, shine, shine Daqian also.

As a teacher preaching Off, tactics, India Sambo, this is not to vent through the ages, inhuman does not pass Hihou. But the king of all phenomena, the S & P by three Cao, the total intake, in the root of the Heart. Therefore Sambo of Italy, who will be its deep deep, shallow person reflected light. Cube root of Sambo is really receive possession, naturally have similarities and differences. Cover Sambo true Tibetan indeed bounce back the death Heart and Tantra. Orthodoxy which contains the true mass, Destiny’s biography and miscellaneous true mass. Although the Buddha is enlightenment received from voicing Sambo’s destiny, but really hiding treasures still did not halved points. Buddha attained if by Tibetan practice the true treasures, the self-cultivation in this life, this life that is to be free, not falling six reincarnation. More in Longhua three will, Xianfo, Press Law, also fruit syndrome.


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