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Description of S.Y.N.Á.R Venom


SyNAR®is a small peptide that mimics the activity of Azemiopsin, a 21-mer peptide that is found in the venom of the FeaeViper from Vietnam. Clinical trials have shown that SYNAR® is capable of reducing mimic wrinkles by inhibiting musclecontractions. To get a real Age Killing Effect, try SYNAR®.

SYNAR® is a synthetic penta-peptide derivative that was developed based on the combinedexpertiseof SINEUROinsnakevenomresearchandpeptidesynthesis. Targetingneuromuscularactivity, SINEUROhasdevelopedanewsnakevenom-likeactivecompoundwhichisanantagonistof themuscularnicotinicacetylcholine receptor (mnAChR).

SYNAR® has excellent smoothing and fast anti-wrinkle properties that have been proved in vivo in a short term study (1 month).


Mimic wrinkles are part oft hevisible facewrinkles.As time passes, these wrinkles persist permanently and get deeper and deeper: frownlines, laughterlines and crow feetlines appear more and more due tothe repeated movements offacial muscles.

SINAR® has been developed as efficient smoothing an danti-wrinkle careparticularly effective against expressionlines by relaxing facialmuscles. This active SYNAR® penta-peptideacts in a manner similar to Azemiopsin, a neuromuscularblockingcompound of the Feae Viper venom. Acting at the post-synapticmembrane,SYNAR® is a reversible antagonist of the muscularnicotinicacetylcholinereceptor(mnAChR).

We assume that the SYNAR®penta-peptideinteracts with the agonist binding sites of the mnAChR that prevents binding of acetylcholinetothereceptor; consequentlyit remains closed.In the closed state, there is no uptake ofsodium ions (Na+)and the muscles stayrelaxed.



The study was performed on 20 volunteers.SYNAR®(at0.2%) has been compared against placebo and against are ferencesubstance (SYN®-AKE at4%).Both products have been used at the recommended use level. The study lasted 28 days with a twice-daily application.

SYNAR® clearly showed a higherefficacy for all tested parameters.


Using electrophysiological Invitro measurements it was shown thatSYNAR®(ata concentration of0.2 mM)wasableto inhibit activity (ion conductance) of heterologously expressed muscle nicotinic receptor by 50% (p<0.01). That is 8 times more effective than other popular cosmetic miorelaxant (A).

Picture above demonstrates SYNAR® activity against muscle nicotinic receptor. Receptor activity is lower in presence of SYNAR® than in presence other popular cosmetic miorelaxant A.



SYNAR® contains no preservative.SYNAR® is free of specifiedpathogens.The amount of non-pathogenicmicroorganisms with less than100 CFU per ml of SYNAR® meets the CTFA microbiology guidelines.


Standardandwell-definedsafety testing has been performed on SYNAR® which has proved the product to be safe for massageuse.The data availabledonotindicate any environmental risks.The manufacturing processis designed to meet the criteria for the assessment of safety, health and protection of people and of the environment set out in the Responsible Care Program.


SYNAR® could be processed either warm (for maximum 2 hours at 70°C) or cold. SYNAR® is stable in the pH-range of 3.0 to 5.5. Informulations, SYNAR® is compatible with ethanol at concentrations of upto 50%(maximally tested concentration). Forskincare
preparations,we recommend the additionof 1 to 4 SYNAR®. Basic Guide Formulations are available upon request.


SYNAR® should b estored in the original sealed container protected from light in a clean place at a temperature between15 and 25°C. If stored under the recommended conditions,SYNAR® remains stableforatleast 1 year. In order to avoid secondary microbialcontamination, following opening, the content of the containers should be used immediately since SYNAR®does not contain any preservative.
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