Download Economics Concepts In English  APK

Download Economics Concepts In English APK

Description of Economics Concepts In English

Economics Concepts for students who wants to learn basic to advance.

1) Economics Basics: Introduction
2) What Is Economics
3) Scarcity
4) Macro and Microeconomics
5) Production Possibility Frontier (PPF)
6) Opportunity Cost
7) Trade, Comparative Advantage and Absolute Advantage
8) Absolute Advantage
9) Economics Basics: Demand and Supply
10) The Law of Demand
11) The Law of Supply
12) Time and Supply
13) Supply and Demand Relationship
14) Equilibrium
15) Disequilibrium
16) Shifts vs. Movement
17) Economic Basics: Elasticity
18) Factors Affecting Demand Elasticity
19) The availability of substitutes
20) Amount of income available to spend on the good
21) Time
22) Income Elasticity of Demand
23) Economics Basics: Utility
24) Monopolies, Oligopolies and Perfect Competition
25) Economics Basics: Conclusion

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